Let's meet the
MPET Connect Team!

Our transport, inland terminal & warehouse community

Pivotal to the success of MPET Connect by active engagement, this group - comprised of transport organizers, logistics professionals and related stakeholders - holds the key to shaping precisely the digital products needed for optimizing container flow operations.

Marie-Hélène Slegten

Meet Marie-Hélène Slegten, our vibrant team player. Actively gathering insights from her surroundings, she skillfully utilizes them to elevate MPET Connect to new heights.

Roos Verhoef

Meet Roos Verhoef, our digital native with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Despite her limited time involvement, Roos is leaving a profound mark on the developments of MPET Connect. Her adaptability & collaborative approach have been instrumental in driving our agile process forward.

Bert Meerman

Meet Bert Meerman, our Extract, Transform, Load Expert. With his expertise in data manipulation, Bert plays a crucial role in ensuring the seamless flow of information from MPET’s operating system to MPET Connect.

Sharon Levecque

Meet Sharon Levecque, our community bridge builder. Through open communication, Sharon adeptly comprehends community needs, fostering relationships that drive mutual growth and collaboration.

Lars Koch

Meet Lars Koch, our foremost advocate and enthusiast. With unwavering dedication, Lars exemplifies a drive and passion for service delivery that sets the standard for our team and MPET Connect.

Joeri Stefanoff

Meet Joeri Stefanoff, our results-driven catalyst. With a resolute commitment to achieving outcomes, Joeri propels MPET Connect forward with unwavering dedication and determination.

Edwin Angeli

Meet Edwin Angeli, our technology oriented team member. Linking the wishes of our community to a digital solution.

You ?

Meet you, our next team member! Check out our open positions on grootgrotergroots.be together with all other vacancies in our group. (MPET, PSAA & ATS).

MPET’s commitment to developing high-quality digital products is evident through its adoption of an agile and customer-centered approach. 

This approach, aligned with modern software development practices, offers benefits to both the development process and users by delivering value incrementally, incorporating community feedback, and achieving swift, tangible results.

MPET has formed a cross-functional team that works collaboratively to create digital products. Employing iterative techniques and prioritizing customer value, the team operates as a self-organized unit, adaptable to change, and consistently seeking improvement through clear communication.

"Let's strive for quick results via small iterations & sprints"