API Technical documentation

To explore the technical details and specifications of each API, head over to our Swagger documentation page: https://app.mpetconnect.be/docs. Here, you’ll find the latest information, guidelines, and resources necessary to seamlessly integrate MPET’s data streams into your systems.

Make use of our powerful API possibilities

Unlock the power of direct data integration with MPET through our suite of APIs. Elevate your operational efficiency by effortlessly incorporating MPET data into your existing systems.
Choose from a range of APIs designed to meet your specific needs.

Hinterland Notification API

Container status API

Retrieve comprehensive data about MPET-related containers directly into your system. Access essential details such as container type, discharge moment, and location. With this API, you gain up-to-date insights that enhance efficiency in both your and MPETs operations.

Booking information API

This API provides you with information tied to bookings known at MPET. Seamlessly integrate this data into your processes to optimize your operations and keep a finger on the pulse of the status of your booking.

Object status API

Delve into vessel information with our Object Status API. Uncover details like Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and yard opening times. This API equips you with the tools to strategically plan and coordinate your activities.