Welcome to the products of MPET Connect, your guide to the offerings that empower our joint container operations. Here, you will find a diverse range of products that redefine the way in which challenges are tackled in our ever-evolving landscape. The blend of products that are offered in MPET Connect, such as the website, APIs and Smart Apps stands symbolise our commitment to driving efficiency, transparency and growth.

Container shipping is not just business as usual; it is a dynamic ecosystem that demands adaptability and foresight. Recognising this, MPET Connect has developed a suite of products. The website, APIs and Smart Apps are crafted with precision to address the industry’s unique challenges hands-on.

Your organization, your solution

One-size-fits-all does not cut it. That’s why MPET Connect offers a range of solutions. From the intuitive website experience that keeps you informed, to the APIs that seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and the smart apps that revolutionise efficiency. MPET encourages you to select the solution that perfectly aligns with your organisation’s strategy.

Container information is updated every 30 minutes, ensuring you are equipped with accurate insights. Vessel data is refreshed daily, around 16:00h.