MPET Connect’s Smart Apps build value from data. By experimenting with different opportunities, win-win situations can be developed for optimized processes and mutually beneficial outcomes.

Hinterland Notification API

Our Hinterland Notification API is on its way!

The HNA environment integrates all possible data with your own planning and tracking application, making it much smarter!

It is a powerful tool that will enhance your communication and coordination capabilities. Validate your information more upfront via an API connection.
Receive timely notifications and updates related to hinterland operations, enabling you to stay proactive and responsive in your container management endeavours.

Check out our information video:

Retrieve Best Unit (RBU)

Efficiency takes centre stage with Retrieve Best Unit (RBU). Imagine this scenario: you have containers to pick up, and you want to know which container you can retrieve the easiest. RBU steps in with a solution. Based on your Bill of Lading (BL) and/or container number, MPET Connect presents a color-coded convenience map for retrieving your containers:

  • Green: the container stands on top – unobstructed, primed for pickup.
  • Orange: a single container rests above the target, indicating manageable retrieval.
  • Red: more than one container is above, signaling a complex retrieval scenario.

Opting for the vertical view additionally offers a clear understanding of the vertical segregation. With other words, what containers are stacked upon each other. The RBU feature will soon be accessible through API, giving you an even smoother way to incorporate its benefits.

Certified Pick-up (CPU) and Secure Container Release (SCR)

MPET Connect provides you with information if you container is correctly released via CPU or SCR in one easy overview

Coming Soon: Push - Pull